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'Fallout 4' Cheats: Mutfruit is the Key to Getting Richer Without Cheating

'Fallout 4' Cheats: Mutfruit is the Key to Getting Richer Without Cheating

'Fallout 4' box art | Facebook/Fallout4

Inside the complicated in-game economy involved in the hit Bethesda game "Fallout 4," the amount of riches acquired from looting enemies and accomplishing quests is never enough for funding. However, an expert gamer says a sweet treat is one of the best ways to obtain funds for bullets and stimpacks.

Gamers know very well that just playing the game just as it is will never be how it works. Many goodies are extremely tagged with a high price, but with hard work, almost everything is possible.

According to Polygon's Daniel Friedman, one of the most effective ways that he has used to get more funds without cheating is the simplest way around the game that many gamers don't really want to take: farming.

Friedman's objective with his farming strategy is to swap common and easily replaceable crops with the precious treasures that vendors have to offer. He says the best crop to grow is Mutfruit. While there are some setbacks involved with planting the crop, it comes with a hefty price than the rest of the crops that come with the game.

One of the disadvantages is that Mutfruit gets hidden under the bushes and it will take time to harvest a whole bunch of the crop even if the player runs around quickly. However, Friedman says there is a way to get the crops faster.

According to the gamer and analyst, the first step is to build four or five settlements that specialize in nothing but growing Mutfruit all around. While the first step will need players to come up with enough water, beds, and defense for the settlers to be at peace, the outcome will surely deliver loads of funds in the long run.

Next is to create defensive posts around the settlements to keep enemies off. Water pumps should be enough. For the community to feel that working on crops is worth their stay, players are encouraged to get sleeping bags for the settlers to sleep in.

Finally, a radio beacon is suggested to make the message known for travelers and migrants. A power generator is needed for the beacon to let settlers know that there is a place they can stay in and become productive. More settlers to join the crew for planting means more Mufruit to harvest.

Of course everything needs work and effort, but the gifts that Mutfruit brings, according to Friedman, will be enough to fund the activities that players are indulged in on "Fallout 4."