Floyd Mayweather Believes Question About Justin Bieber Friendship Is Racial Profiling

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Singer Justin Bieber and boxer Floyd Mayweather.(Photograph: Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Floyd Mayweather recently lashed out at a reporter who questioned his relationship with singer Justin Bieber.

An NBC Chicago reporter told Mayweather that his friendship with the singer Bieber,20, was "the oddest matchup," which seemed to upset the 37-year-old boxer.

"Uh, to me it seems like that's kind of racial profiling," Mayweather responded, according to USA Today reports. To me."

When the reporter insisted she was referring to Bieber's music, Mayweather continued to be defensive about it.

"I'm just saying, I mean, why," he questioned. "You don't know what kind of music I listen to, do you?"

Last month, reports surfaced that Bieber came to the rescue of Mayweather's children. While Mayweather was walking the red carpet of the BET awards, his three kids were reportedly involved in a multi-vehicle car accident in Los Angeles, California, TMZ reported. Since Mayweather was on the telephone with Bieber when he found out, the 20-year-old singer went to check on the children since he was closer to the area in an SUV.

After Bieber arrived on the scene, TMZ is reporting that he played Mayweather's children unreleased songs before bringing them to their father. Mayweather and Bieber have had a public friendship over the past couple of years.

Bieber has appeared ringside with Mayweather during a few of the boxer's fights, and previously spoke about his admiration for the fighter in a 2012 interview with V Magazine.

"Everyone wants you to be on top, and as soon as you're there -- like Floyd Mayweather, he's the best boxer in the world. Now he is a champion," Bieber told the publication. "Every time he goes to a fight now, people are like, 'He's going to lose this time,' and then he wins. And the next time they say, 'He's going to lose,' again ... Every time he wins. And people aren't ever going to know that he's a champ."

Last month Bieber was the subject of an old video released by TMZ that has some questioning if he is racist. In the video taken five years ago, the singer joked about black people while using the n-word.

After issuing an apology, Bieber's friend Mayweather defended the young singer.

"Justin has been nothing but kind to me, my daughters and sons over the years. We all make mistakes when we are young, it's part of growing up," Mayweather tweeted. "I am proud of what he's doing as a 20 year old musician and business man. #TMT"