Frozen Baby Revived: Police Save Life of Baby Declared Dead

A baby girl pronounced dead after being born on a Toronto sidewalk in below freezing temperatures was revived two hours later and placed in stable condition reports said.

The baby's pregnant mother was feeling sick early Sunday morning and decided to walk with her own mother to Humber River Hospital's, which was a little more than 500 yards away, according to the Star. On the same day, the city of Toronto has issued an "extreme cold alert" with temperatures around five degrees Fahrenheit.

Halfway through the walk, the pregnant woman was able to walk no further and gave birth to a little girl on the frozen sidewalk. The grandmother to the child called 911 and all three were transported to the hospital where the baby girl was pronounced dead.

Two police officers were left to monitor the baby's body, which had been covered by a sheet, while waiting for the coroner to conduct an investigation. Within an hour and 45 minutes however, officers noticed that the sheet began to move, multiple reports recounted. Officers immediately alerted medical officials who confirmed that the girl was, in fact, still alive.

By Sunday evening the baby girl was reportedly in stable condition. Both her and her mother are expected to have a full recovery. The officers credited with helping to save the baby's life chose not to comment, although the department where both officers are stationed released the following tweet:

"Today two officers experienced something most likely never to happen again in their careers," Toronto police Const. Wendy Drummond
wrote on her Twitter page. "Truly astonished/pleased baby is doing well."

Humber River Hospital spokesperson Gerard Power said, in an email to the Star, that an investigation into the events that led up to the baby being found alive would be launched.