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Ga. Pastor Preaches to Help Christians Avoid Wasting Their Lives

Ga. Pastor Preaches to Help Christians Avoid Wasting Their Lives

So many Christians are wasting their lives despite the great plan God has for them, says one Georgia pastor. And what's bringing them down are "stupid human tricks."

"Stupid human tricks – things people do that wreck their lives," Brian Bloye, lead pastor of West Ridge Church, defined to his congregation. Bloye kicked off a sermon series with that title last month and is continuing the series on Sunday.

He's hoping Christians will live to their God-given potential rather than let it all go to waste. He doesn't want people to come to the end of their lives asking "what could have been?"

"What a sad thing for anyone to be created by God ... to have so much potential and yet miss out and waste a life because of one foolish choice after the next," Bloye preached, using the biblical character Samson as a case study.

In his most recent sermon, the pastor pointed out that an undisciplined life was what led to Samson's downfall.

Some of the signs indicating an undisciplined spiritual life include compromising, prayerlessness and not spending time with God on a daily basis.

"Stop compromising," Bloye told the megachurch, which meets in three locations. "As a Christian you have three enemies – the flesh, the world and Satan. And these three enemies are constantly warring against you to keep you from living out God's purposes for your life. They are going to try to derail your potential."

He also noted that partial obedience to God is "always complete disobedience."

"If your life is truly going to count for God's glory ... here's what you've got to do: You must cultivate your spiritual life."

Daily intimacy with God in Word and prayer has "got to be part of the deal," Bloye stressed.

"You have the God who created the universe ... who is on your side. You are a mighty tool in God's hands if you will cultivate that relationship with Him; there's nothing you can't do if God is on your side."

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