Galaxy Gear Price Drops by $120, Find Out Where

The price for the Galaxy Gear smart watch has dropped by the equivalent of $120 in India.

The device will now run buyers Rs. 7,000 instead of the normal Rs.15,290. Even though this price cut only has happened in India, it still indicates the possibility of this discount reaching other nations including the U.S.

The website DailyTech is suggesting that the U.S. price could fall to around $210-$220 sometime in the near future. This would bring its price closer to Sony's Smart Watch 2 which currently costs $199. The price cut could also indicate that Samsung is planning to release a successor to the device.

The Galaxy Gear originally launched in the U.S. for $300.

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Picture: SamsungGalaxy Gear Smart Watch

It reached a milestone last month by reaching its 800,000 sale mark and was able to accomplish this in just two months. This actually proves that the public is interested in a smart watch contrary to the sales of versions released from other companies.

Samsung invested tens of millions of dollars into the promo for the Galaxy Gear with flashy marketing campaigns, endorsements from sports stars, price cuts and other incentives.

The Galaxy Gear was unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 3 last year and is only compatible with handsets running Android 4.3 and higher.

The device improves the smartphone experience by becoming a control panel for various tasks. For example, when the phone is being called the call will appear on the watch, allowing users to either take or ignore the call without having to grab their phone out of their pocket.

It also features Smart Relay that opens up a corresponding app automatically when it sends a notification to the watch.

The Galaxy Gear connects to a smartphone and has the ability to track it down if it has been misplaced or lost. The Find My Device feature allows users to remotely activate sounds and vibrations to make it easier for them to locate their smartphone. It also works vice versa as the connected phone could be used to find the watch.