Gillian Anderson Split Due to 'Fluid' Sexuality?

Actress Gillian Anderson has separated from partner Mark Griffiths, the star announced today. The couple never married but shares two sons: Oscar and Felix. Could the split have something to do with Anderson's recent comments about her sexuality?

"Gillian Anderson and her partner Mark Griffiths have amicably separated after six years together," her press agent told Us Weekly. No one knew that the couple intended to separate, but the decision was mutual and they still plan to co-parent their sons.

Last month, Anderson created headlines when she spoke to Out magazine about her controversial previous relationships with both men and women.

"I decided to talk about it now because someone with whom I was in a relationship a couple of decades ago- a woman- passed away about a year ago. I was talking about her and, in the context of the gentle conversation we were having, I thought I would say that I have had a couple of relationships with women," she admitted.

Anderson, however, said that she still is still interested in men and has been with partner Mark Griffiths, whom she never married, for the past six years. Before that, she was married to director Clyde Klotz, but they divorced in 1997 and have one daughter, Piper. Anderson next married Julian Ozanne, but they separated in 2006.

Anderson is perhaps most well-known for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on the cult classic "The X-Files." She and partner David Duchovny made the series a hit, and some fans are hoping her split from Griffiths will lead to an off-screen romance with Duchovny.

"Gotta see this! 'X-Files' star Gillian Anderson splits with boyfriend: Make a move, David Duchovny!" tweeted Wetpaint TV.

It's unknown what led to the separation from Griffiths, or if Anderson has plans to settle down with another partner.

She is hard at work on several new films, including "Mr. Morgan's Last Love," and "I'll Follow You Down," both due out later this year.