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Google+, Best Rated Comments of Its Debut Week

Google+ made its debut this week and has almost everyone buzzing about it.

Questions over the tech giant's role in dethroning and becoming a “Facebook killer” flooded the Internet with many tech experts giving Google+ and its new features, namely, +Hangout, +Circles, +Sparks, an edge in overall performance against Facebook.

After high demand from users to join Google's newest social network, the company had to close its virtual gates and even turn away users who had been endowed with an “invite.”

Traditionally, for novel products in beta version as such, Google chose and enabled only a select few to give it a test drive before releasing the final product to the public. The chosen users would get an “invite” and be granted the option to invite 15 others into the circle, each of whom would be given 15 “invites” more.

With Google+, just after dozens of hours after it went live, the invite option was blocked due to an insane amount of demand. The only way users were able to get first dibs was buying their way in through eBay. That's right, the Google+ fever rose to such a degree that people apparently started trading in their greenbacks to obtain an “invite,” not that any of this surprised us however.

Is Google+ that good?

Now that its initial week is almost over, let's look at what netizens have been commenting about this brand new service.

(Note: Comments, and their follow-ups, were chosen based on the highest number of rates received and have nothing to do with undermining the service of other tech companies.)

From Engadget:

If Google+ is going to have a dislike or thumbs down button for comments and posts, I am SOOOOOOOOOO IN. - t1mothy tAn

This is not going to take off. People are too invested in FB. - Alexander Kandyba

That’s what ppl said about myspace when fb came - draculahowbsy in reply to Alexander Kandyba

If Google could somehow import your friends from facebook I would definitely +1. - HalfwayCrook

I don't mind Google taking over the world, better them than Facebook or Apple. - Cpt_Slim_Jim

Your comment makes me sad..... I'll put you in the bad friend circle. - Level380 in reply to jakemochas

ANYTHING is better than Facebook. - hasben

Myspace isn't. - Zangetsu in reply to hasben

Google's biggest chance for failure here is with a limited role out. Why would I use it if few if any of my friends are on it? This is why google wave failed - because my friends couldn't use it en mass. There are only so many things you can do if two or three of your friends are on google wave... likewise google plus will fail if it isn't rolled out quickly.

The successful slow roll out with Gmail cannot be compared, because quite simply you could still email people outside of gmail. It was a functional email client from the very beginning... you weren't limited to just emailing other gmailers. - Clayton Tullos

Apple will announce "+i" soon. For your imaginary friends. - descendency

From the Guardian UK:

With every new social network you have to ask the question, "What problem are they trying to solve?"
In the case of Google+, the answer seems to be, "Google not having a Facebook competitor."
It's not a patch on either Twitter or Facebook for their respective uses. I just don't see what its meaningful USP is for users. - AdrianShort

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