Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Gospel From the Stripper Pole? Critics Outraged at Scantily-Clad 'Unconventional Minister'

Gospel From the Stripper Pole? Critics Outraged at Scantily-Clad 'Unconventional Minister'

LaTascha Emanuel, a self-proclaimed unconventional minister, has been shocking some people in the Christian community by sharing her the gospel from the stripper pole.

Emanuel recently appeared in a YouTube video preaching scriptures with her husband "Papi" while wearing a lowcut dress that exposed her chest- she also had no undergarments on. Many were shocked to see Emanuel, an associate minister from Perfecting The Saints Family Worship Center in North Carolina, preaching about patience in her series titled "The Gospel From The Stripper's Pole" on YouTube.

One person tweeted the associate minister, questioning her intention for appearing scantily clad while preaching the gospel on YouTube.

"If your ministry is reach strippers and convert them ... why not dress conservative," the woman questioned Emanuel. "If I were a stripper I would think you were crazy trying to tell me about Jesus but showing me all of your top half."

Another individual followed the same sentiments on the social networking website.

"Gospel from the stripper pole," the person questioned on Twitter. "We are indeed in the end times."

Teresa Goggins, Co-Pastor from Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries, also spoke out about Emanuel's video posted on YouTube.

"So you think someone fresh out the club can minister at the level of someone that's been doing it for 20 plus years? That's just not (going to) work, sorry," Goggins told physician Dr. Dwight Owens, who created "Anyone that has been purged and consecrated by God wouldn't stand before his people in that type of attire because conviction would take place. But the church as a whole has to stand up and say that it's unacceptable, not just me."

However, Emanuel stood her ground amid the criticism and defended her YouTube series in a posting on Instagram.

"When we are on these streets it is nothing to laugh at or play with. They are hell bound and church is nowhere to be found. We sit and become pious," Emanuel wrote as a response to her critics on Instagram. "I can understand with you not agreeing with this methodology. But please understand with all respect for you and the title you hold I don't care. I believe I heard God clearly."


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