Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Preview Now Available With New Mod

A new mod is being developed for Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC that transforms the game's map into the next version found in GTA V.

(PHOTO: GTA 5 Trailer Screencap)Trailer credits for GTA 5.

Gamer site Kotaku posted up a few shots showing off the new software adjustment that caters to those who are anxious for the release of a PC version of the Rockstar title. The modders have even found a way to take some of the cars from GTA V and put them in the older game.

The mod team released a few rough videos that show cars driving around without pedestrians and a fly-over of San Andreas. They promise to release a more polished video sometime in the very near future.

Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC could be released as early as Q1 2014, according to the latest rumors.

IBTimes reported last month that a Norwegian retailer stated they have received pre-orders for GTA V on the PC and and have a scheduled release date for March 19, 2014.

GTA admins have also been responding to people on their site with, "Keep an eye out for info on that on our newswire page:," when asked about GTA 5 on the PC.

Other rumors listed in stores have listed a GTA 5 steam key to be preordered online, citing a summer 2014 release date, according to SidTech.

"The pre-orders tell us that those who pre-order will have to wait for summer next year for the release. We take the summer to mean somewhere between July and September 2014," the website writes. "You do have to take this with a pinch of salt as at the moment Rockstar have not spoken up about a released date. Personally we thought that that Rockstar would launch GTA 5 for the PC before we got to see it on the PS4 and Xbox One."