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Grandma Feared Grandson: Testimony of Sandra Payne Who Shot Grandson to Death (VIDEO)

Grandma Feared Grandson: Testimony of Sandra Payne Who Shot Grandson to Death (VIDEO)

Jonathan Hoffman was repeatedly shot by his grandma, Sandra Layne, who is now being charged for first degree murder for his death. | (Photo: YouTube/ABC News Screen Shot)

Grandma Sandra Layne has said she feared her grandson as she gave testimony in her defense for shooting him to death in court on Wednesday. She is claiming self defense.

The 75 year old grandma fatally killed her teenage grandson at her suburban Detroit home by repeatedly shooting him on May 18, 2012 in West Bloomfield Township. Reports state that she even shot 17 year old Jonathan Hoffman as he was calling 911 for help.

Layne is now being charged with first degree murder in Oakland County Court.

The defendant has told the court that she "adored" the boy and still loves him despite killing him. She is said that her grandson lived with her while his parents lived in Arizona.

However, her defense lawyers have said that she feared for her life because the teenager had been acting in an erratic way and his behavior had scared her. They have also highlighted that he used synthetic marijuana.

The grandma offered her testimony to the court on Wednesday, all the time speaking in a soft timid voice.

As she took the stand she turned her chair towards jurors to face them, although she did not always maintain eye contact with them.

During the testimony she also described one incident where she had visited the teenager at a hospital where he was being treated for his drug use; revealing the extent of his drug problems.

Here is a video news report into the incident prior to the trial commencing:


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