Group of Christians Proposes a 'New Protestant Reformation' in Brazil

A group of Brazilian Christians have started a movement spreading throughout social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, called "New Protestant Reformation." The movement is part of a wider project supported by the group named "I Want a Church."

The group's theological foundation is Christocentric, meaning their doctrine focuses on Jesus Christ as the central theme about which all other theological positions and doctrines are oriented.

The group claims to be trying to break the apparent divisions among churches due to denominational differences. They point to constant debates between pastors and Christian leaders online as evidence of the divisions bringing Christianity in the country into disrepute. The group wants to help clear up certain church practices and teachings seen as opposed to the gospel by some, and combat scandals involving churches in corruption issues.

According to "I Want a Church" website, the movement's goal is to provide live debates and worship with people from all over the world and across denominations, to unite in Christ in "true unity and with one mind."

A Questions and Answers section is offered, as well as interviews and testimonies, with people being able to openly share their thoughts about doctrine, dogmas, customs and liturgies.

The project aims to offer help to those who are "scandalized" by the Brazilian Church so that they can continue to worship God, even virtually.

The movement also proposes an "Ecclesiastical Inspector" to combat ecclesiastical errors.

"Cheer, yes, commend, yes, the right things done by leaders and churches; but, combat categorically errors and decay of the religious system, even if it will cost us the earthly life," says the project's website.

The group has indicated that it is not afraid to do what they see is right, even if it means they will be sidelined and ridiculed by their peers. They insist they are not out to "massage" people's egos.

"Let them cut our heads…but let's always do the will of God!" they say.

The group invites Catholics, Evangelicals (in general), Charismatics, atheists, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, as well as those not affiliated to any church, and all others, to join the debates in order to recognize that "only the Gospel of Christ saves."

Live debates take place every day at 9 p.m. through websites such as YouTube, Google Hangout, Google + (plus), I Want a Church TV, I Want a Church, and Skype.

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