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Harold Camping Oct. 21 Rapture: Signs Mock Doomsday - 'Alternate Side Parking Remains in Force'

As Harold Camping’s Oct. 21 End Times prediction draws closer, a group called NYC Rapture Readiness Committee is mocking the Family Radio founder saying it is helping prepare people for the end of the world.

The group has posted signs to prepare people for the rapture on Third Avenue, in New York City, today, giving people advice on how to get ready for the doomsday.

The agency responsible for the signs listed on its website several kinds of “recommendations” for people who are planning to be raptured:

“Always be prepared for acts of God. If you’re planning to be raptured, have a safe and enjoyable transition. But please remember that the Rapture isn’t right for everyone, and many others will be left behind to continue civilization to whatever extent possible during the ensuing tribulation.”

The group urges Christians to make things easier on those “left behind” by taking simple steps to “organize the chaos and clutter during difficult times.” Its advices include areas such as: utilities, sanitation, taxes, infants, pets and parking.

“Remember that alternate side of the street parking rules will remain in effect. Consider donating your car to a non-Christian charity, or leaving a set of keys with a non-believing neighbor.”

The group warns that according to the Bible, pets are not included in the rapture and this separation may be “traumatic” for everyone.

“There are many non-believers who love animals. Please make arrangements with one of them to care for your pets after your ascent,” the group recommends.

Using a Bible verse “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” the agency also advises Christians to pay local and federal taxes, for the period of January 1 – October 21. “Overpayments can be adjusted in April if you find yourself unexpectedly left behind.”

The group define themselves as “a public service of the NYC Rapture Readiness Committee.” The branding agency behind the satirical campaign was found to be “Digo” which states on its website:

“As communication practitioners and good citizens, we at DIGO wanted to do our part to ensure a safe, smooth rapture event for all, even those of us who get left behind.”

Harold Camping predicted that the world would end on May 21 and now, after that prediction failed he claims that the doomsday will be on Oct. 21.

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