Herman Cain Accusations: Third Former Employee Claims Sexual Misconduct

A third former employee of Herman Cain has accused the Republican presidential candidate of unwanted and aggressive sexual behavior in the 1990s.

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims Cain harassed her while working for the National Restaurant Association, according to The Associated Press.

The woman said she received sexually suggestive remarks and gestures from the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza while the two other women he was accused of harassing were completing their settlements.

The former employee also shared that Cain made inappropriate remarks and invited her to spend some private time with him at his corporate apartment.

The allegations came after Cain met with Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill behind closed doors Wednesday, while trying to deal with the two other sexual harassment accusations that are rocking his presidential candidate campaign.

Cain had told reporters that he would battle all attacks that are trying to bring him down.

"There is a force at work here that is much greater than those that would try to destroy me and destroy this campaign. That force is called the voice of the people,” said Cain. “That's why we are doing as well as we are."

Cain has been accused of changing his story regarding the sexual accusations multiple times. After it was first reported that he said he was not aware of any settlements, the details of the charge came back to him and he admitted that he knew that a “separation agreement” had been reached with one of the women.

One of the accusers may go public with her story. Her attorney, Joel Bennett, said Tuesday he is formally requesting that the confidentially provision in an agreement with the National Restaurant Association be lifted.

In an attempt to end the accusations that threaten to derail his campaign, Cain declared on HLN on Tuesday, "I have never committed sexual harassment in my entire career. Period.”