Hillsong United Offers to Sing at Weddings, Birthdays of Fans

(Photo:Grace Hill Media)Hillsong United pose at the premiere of "Hillsong - Let Hope Rise," Los Angeles, California, Sept. 2016

Hillsong United has the No. 1 album on Billboard charts, but that doesn't mean they are above singing at the birthday parties or weddings of fans.

The worship band that stems from the Hillsong megachurch in Sydney, Australia, released their sixth studio album, Wonder, earlier this month which currently sits at No.1 on Billboard's Christian Albums chart. When the band took to Instagram to announce that they would travel to the United States in July and stay through August, they also offered fans a unique opportunity to hear them play in smaller settings like schools, birthday parties and weddings.

"We're coming to the good old U S of A in July - August, and we want you to tell us why we should come to you," the social media message states. "Basically make us a 1min video on what's happening in your town, school, church.. or if it's your birthday, or even getting married?!?! We are down to hang and come play.. don't forget to tag it with #wonderinthewild."

Throughout the years, the members in Hillsong United have come in and out of the band but founder Joel Houston still remains as a worship leader and musician in the band. When Billboard asked Houston what he hopes fans will take from their new album, the musician focused on hope.

"Hope is an interesting word. We believe there is hope in the world, amidst all of the devastation," Houston said. "But as for our album, we always just try and enjoy and trust the process, make music we like and hopefully other people do as well ... It is the dream of any artist that their music reaches new listeners, that the story or message goes out and impacts more and more people."

That impact is evident in the early chart success of the album, which also debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Christian genre and in the Top 5 on iTunes over all genres. In a previous interview with The Christian Post, lead female vocalist Taya Smith spoke about surrendering to God which ultimately has contributed to the success of the popular worship band.

"God is completely in control and He interweaves things if you completely surrender and trust Him," she said. "He actually has good things for you and you can trust Him."