'Homeland' Season 7 Spoilers: Has Carrie Found Keane's Weakness?

Facebook/HomelandOnShowtimePromotional photo for "Homeland"

A new character may hold the power over President Keane's (Elizabeth Marvel) fate in the upcoming season of "Homeland."

Recent reports reveal that the series will be introducing a pivotal character in the new installment. According to Variety, Sandrine Holt of "House of Cards" is the newest addition to the Showtime series. Beyond that, few details have been revealed about the kind of character she would play.

Holt will reportedly appear in two episodes, with the option for more. Speculations are rife that her role will be closely associated with either Keane or Carrie (Claire Danes). It is possible that Holt's character would have a huge impact on the future of the president's administration.

If Holt's character will hold the key to Keane's downfall, Carrie will waste no time using her. At the moment, the president has surrounded herself with a group of followers who are all intent on controlling her.

Carries' goal is to break Keane's walls and show her what is truly happening, that people are taking advantage of her paranoia. All she needs is a chance to break through Keane and speak to her as before, when they considered each other friends and before the POTUS started to doubt Carrie's alliance.

Meanwhile, fans of the series are waiting patiently for Showtime to drop the trailer for season 7. CarterMatt posits that it may be released in the latter part of the month or in December. In the past, the official promo was usually unveiled in November.

The production for the new installment has reportedly started quite late, with the set being moved from New York to Virginia. The season 7 premiere is still expected to air next year, likely in January. At the moment, the cast and crew are all busy with the preparations.