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How Can Users Hide the iPhone X Notch?

How Can Users Hide the iPhone X Notch?

The new iPhone X is a very different phone from its predecessors in more ways than one, and some users are struggling with one new aspect of its design — the top notch. Fortunately for them, a fellow iPhone X owner has come up with a simple but clever way to hide the notch at no cost.

The notch cuts into a large portion of the top width of the iPhone X's screen, and it is where the front camera and the new depth-sensor used for Face ID is housed. Luckily enough, it's black, and it matches what little of the bezel remains in Apple's take on the bezel-less design made popular by Samsung.

The iPhone X is the first from Apple to have an OLED screen and facial recognition feature. | Apple

It's just a matter, then, of having a wallpaper that is black in the right spots to hide the notch. Alex Huberman shared a version of Apple's default red, white and blue live wallpaper that disguises the top corners with a curved black edge, making the iPhone X look more like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This wallpaper is free to download, too, so iPhone X owners can have all the features of the iOS while having the same design as Samsung's flagship phones; at least when the phone is in the home screen or lock screen modes.

The alternative, one that most iPhone X owners have gone with, is to just accept the notch for what it is. With everyday use, some users have completely forgotten about it, except perhaps when watching a video in landscape mode.

As it is, Apple has already struggled to come up with a good spot to put the new 3D sensor in and still meet their deadline. For now, the strange look is the best compromise the iPhone maker could make.

"The notch is the best solution available now for an edge-to-edge phone. It disappears in use," as 9 to 5 Mac's Benjamin Mayo noted in his review of the iPhone X.


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