How to Deal with iPhone 4S' Short Battery Life: Insightful User Comments

While many users fancy over possessing Apple's newest product, the iPhone 4S, some others are frowning over what is apparently crippling their user experience on a device that has already sold 4 million units: short battery life.

Apple has acknowledged and confirmed the problem with a statement, but the software update that will attempt to solve this problem is weeks away.

With questions such as "Why is the battery life on my 4 better than my 4S?" or "Is my battery faulty?", or "How can I deal and maximize the short battery life in my iPhone 4S?", CP has attempted to appease these lingering concerns with some insightful user comments posted up on's discussion forum.

cdwwhipple28: Same battery life issue. I also upgraded from 3GS to 4S. I turned off many features to make the battery life last longer but what's the point of getting iPhone 4S if I can't use any of the features I like. Anyway, I finally called Apple Tech Support today (Nov 6, 2011) and was told to:

1. Back-up my iPhone 4S
2. Restore to factory setting
3. Then add the back-up files to iPhone 4S
Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

terry3: I'm not overly happy with the battery life but it has a faster processor and is bound to use up more power. As long as I get 24 hours - in other words chance to get home and charge it overnight I'm not overly worried. It's still a lovely device and i have my ip4 to fall back on. I love all things apple. Surely if it's still not sorted with the software update apple will replace or repar.

I did a reset all settings from the phone (deleted everything, even data--I have backups on iCloud and iTunes) and set up as a new phone. I did not install anything. No apps or email. I turned off all notifications and only set up wifi and didn't setup or login to iCloud. My Battery is currently @ 94 % with 18hours and 11 minutes of standby and 22 minutes of usage. Just something I wanted to check and look into to see if in fact it's software, and in my case it is. There are obviously processes working in the background before I did this because it would show usage in hours, when in fact it was just in standby. I just thought I'd share this.

MacOzarkian: I'm with Mark Yamamoto2, I think Bluetooth is a major culprit here. Bluetooth has always taken a bite out of my iPhone 4 battery, but it was an acceptable impact. My battery was dropping precipitously on my iPhone 4S until I turned off the Bluetooth. I tried turning it back on and again my battery took a hit. I need Bluetooth but will keep it off (or turn it on when I really need it) until the iOS update. Hopefully, the update will fix this.

baldrick99: By turning off the pin code to the sim card, not only has my 4s stopped loosing connection. The battery life is now fully normal! At least what you can expect from a phone like this.

Yesterday I unchecked the pin code to the sim card. I haven't restarted my phone since. I also charged my phone yesterday.. some 28 hours ago.
2 hours 5 min of Usage / 1 day 4 hours of stand by / 50% battery left.
I think there's something fishy about the pin code.

safcalibur: Had an appointment today at the Genuis Bar(!) and told the guy about the battery issue. He told me that it was definitley a software problem and that Apple were going to be releasing an update in the UK within the next week or two. I mentioned to him about the various other ways people are trying to fix the problem and he assured me that there was no other way to resolve this issue other than installing the new software Apple will release.

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