How to Help Your Laid-Off Husband

 Questions similar to this come often these days,

"My husband has been 'downsized' and now he mostly lies around the house doing nothing. Every time I ask him if he sent out more resumes or looked for a job, he gets angry and we wind up in a fight. What can I do to help him?"

A "downsized" person having difficulty keeping focused on finding a new job isn't unusual. It does not mean that he's lazy, worthless, or uncaring. More likely, it means that he suffers from some level of depression which makes his job seeking more difficult. As Dave Ramsey pointed out the other night as I guested on his TV show on Fox Business Channel, often a man's identity is tied into with what he does. Therefore, losing a job does more than cause financial difficulty; it also can cause identity crisis and a sense of hopelessness.

If you genuinely wish to help your husband, make his path forward easier rather than more difficult. Not only will that likely help you avoid marital difficulty, it also is the best thing to do to help him find work.