Howard Stern Rips ESPN's Jeff Van Gundy Following Knicks Game

(Photo: Retuers/Brendan McDermid)Radio personality Howard Stern speaks during a news conference in New York in this February 28, 2006 file photo.

Howard Stern is defending himself against ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy after leaving a Knicks game early last week, resorting to name-calling on his Sirius XM radio show.

Stern was responding to Gundy who had scolded the actor and shock jock for leaving Thursday's Knicks vs. Nets game in the fourth quarter while the Knicks were up 27 points.

"You see, I wouldn't give front-row seats again to anyone who leaves early," Gundy said during the ESPN broadcast, referring to Stern's hasty departure, as well as that of other celebrities.

Six days later, Stern blasted Gundy as a "d-bag" and an "a------" during his Sirius XM radio segment, according to TMZ.

"Jeff Van Gundy set up the rule that if you get tickets, you have to be there for the entire game," Stern added. "Well, gee, clue the rest of us in on your rules you big dummy. And say it to my f------ face. Next time I'm at the Knick game you can come up to me and talk to me about it and I'll explain it to you, you midget."

The radio host went on to explain that he had left the game early in order to prepare for his show on SiriusXM the next morning, pointing at his "intense dedication" to his work.

"And Jeff, you've never experienced being number one at anything, but I have, and the intense dedication that it takes, it means that you have to leave fun things early," Stern expounded. "Nobody likes leaving a Knick game early, but I have to, because I'm super dedicated to being number one."

In a final slam, Stern added, "Jeff Van Gundy boo f------ hoo. Coach all those years and never hit number one. That's why no one's looking for you- they want number ones. And let me tell you about being number one, Jeff, because I wrote the book on it."

Nevertheless, the New York Post noted fault with Stern's explanation for leaving Thursday's NBA game early. According to the paper, Stern only tapes lives radio shows Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with replays airing on Thursday and Friday. Neither Stern or Gundy have further commented on the incident.