Inspirational Songwriter on Trusting in God, Even During War

In tragic times, hearing a distant voice telling you to be strong can be less than comforting, but these words can be taken with sincerity coming from Dunja Vukosavovic, one whose heart carries the memories of struggle well.

Inspirational pianist and songwriter Dunja has lived through the dark times of the Balkan Wars of the 1990s and now lives to inspire others who are in the midst of dire situations.

What sets her apart from other inspirational artists is the source of hope in her that displays a heart whose well-spring is God. Offering a hope deeper than self reliance, she once again presents an inspirational gem with “People Be Strong.”

"People Be Strong," it's a beautiful song and it has a timeless feel. Tell us more about it.

The song is about Hope. Everyone should have hope even if you are going through the worst time of your life. I am all about purpose and I believe there is a purpose in everything. God's purpose is in everything. We often view life from our own perspective however our point of view is very limited in comparison to the whole picture. We all have our own perception of success, most of us desire to accomplish specific things in life but when they do not happen we tend to be disappointed. We then see our lives as falling apart and we become hopeless. When I would face something difficult in my life, if I had just focused on the moment then I would feel so sad and disappointed. But then I would remind myself that there is a grater purpose for what is happening, something eternal, beyond just this life we are living today and then my spirit gets lifted.

You are coming from a civil war. What do you remember most from that period of time?

Certainly I recall many different things but what really stayed with me all these years was one particular late afternoon. The sirens were going off as an indication of the bombs coming and a sign for us to move to a bomb shelter. Everyone gathered in the hallway after stepping out of our apartments, one of our neighbors had a son who was paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Since we couldn't use the elevator we all had to help to carry him down the stairs, towards a shelter. Everyone was so nervous and rushing to get out of the building while out of the clear blue sky I just said ‘well even if we all die, at least we will go to heaven’. Everyone looked at me surprisingly....I’m not sure if they found it very comforting at that time.