iOS 11 Rumors: Update to Arrive a Week After iPhone 8's Release

AppleShown is the Red Edition of the iPhone 7. According to reports, the depth of the photo taken with iPhone 7's camera can now be easily removed because of the iOS 11.

While Apple has released the beta version of its iOS 11, it is said that the update cannot be expected to arrive earlier than September.

As beta versions of operating system (OS) updates are often associated with bugs, crashes, and poor performance, Apple device owners are advised not to install the latest iOS just yet. After all, apart from those developers who pay $99 a year, the beta version is only available to the few who have been chosen to be a part of the public beta program.

According to reports, though, the upcoming operating system feels as if it were a brand-new software platform for the iPad, at least, as it enables the users of the tablet to drag and drop files, app icons, and do many other things. The iOS 11 even delivers a dock, a new app switcher, and Files app that can enable the users to launch apps and manage their documents with much ease. It also comes with a tweaked Control Center that makes it possible for users to customize their shortcuts.

It has been learned as well that the iOS 11 makes it possible for users to disable the depth effect even after an Apple device's camera, specifically that of the iPhone 7, has already captured the photo. Reportedly, Apple has adopted two new camera formats for its latest devices on iOS 11 — HEIF and HEVC. Because of this, Apple devices can now save roughly 50 percent on storage and can include even more information about each photo or video that a device has taken.

With this change, it is now possible for users of an iPhone 7 not to choose what to keep between a normal photo and a Portrait Mode as the latter's depth effect can be easily removed even after it has been taken.

Meanwhile, as Apple usually releases an iOS update usually a week after the launch of its latest iPhone, and the iPhone 8 is expected to arrive this September, it is said that the iOS 11 will be dropped as well next month.