iPad 3 Cases Leak

The iPad 3 is expected to launch within the coming months and Chinese accessory maker Chinee has already taken the initiative and begun selling cases for what could be Apple’s next-gen tablet.

These cases are actually supposed to be for an iPad 2S that the company must have gotten off of the iPhone 4S brand. They also sport a design that would match a slightly thicker version of the iPad 2. The current rumors state that this will most likely be the design Apple will choose for the device.

Chinee claims it got the information to begin designing cases for the iPad 3 from a source within Apple’s supply chain.

A recent report from Bloomberg stated that the tablet will see a March release.

The report also states that the new tablet will feature a higher-resolution display that will most likely be Retina as well as connection to LTE networks. It also should have a quad-core processor making it much faster than the current line of tablets.

“The company’s manufacturing partners in Asia started ramping up production of the iPad 3 this month and plan to reach full volumes by February, said one of the people who asked to be unnamed because the details aren’t public,” wrote the publication. “The tablet will use a quad-core chip, an enhancement that lets users jump more quickly between applications.”

The quad-core rumor has been circling around for quite a while and other tablets are already coming with a chip that powerful so Apple will most likely follow suit.

The new iPhone 5 is expected to debut later on this year. It should also include the same quad-core chip that will be in the iPad 3 along with using LTE networks. The current iPhone and iPad run on 3G networks. Apple was reportedly waiting for the technology to be perfected before switching over to 4G.