iPad 5 Rumors: Tablet to Be Thinner, Lighter With Efficient LED Backlighting

The latest iPad 5 rumors point to the tablet being thinner and lighter than previous models thanks to new LED backlighting technology.

The device will utilize a different set up that will require less components overall, according to NPD DisplaySearch analyst Paul Semenza. He recently explained the company's plans to CNET.

"It's likely that part of the thinner/lighter design will be reducing the size of the LED backlight, partly by making the display more efficient and partly by using more efficient LEDs," said Paul Semenza to the publication in an email.

Third- and fourth-generation iPad models required a dual-LED backlight along with a bigger battery, making them thicker and heavier than the iPad 2.

Semenza also stated that Apple's shift to a film-based touch sensor on the new iPad will also reduce its overall thickness. The iPad Mini uses a DITO film touch panel sensor which contributes to its 7.2mm thickness.

The 5th generation model will enter into production in July or August of 2013.

A Taiwan-based supply chain revealed Apple's plans to begin volume production on the tablet starting this summer, according to DigiTimes.

This report counters other recent rumors that pointed to the new iPad launching as early as this month.

Apple normally launches a new iPad model during the first few months of the year. However, last year those plans were altered when the company decided to launch two iPads in one year.

The new version is expected to be thinner and lighter than the previous version. This model will also take on the same thin-bezel design as the wildly popular iPad Mini.

Apple is also expected to launch a new version of the iPhone this year along with the iPad Mini 2 that is rumored to feature a Retina display.