iPhone 5 Commercial Mocks Apple Smartphone Users

A new commercial for the iPhone 5 was released earlier this week that mocks users of Apple smartphones.

The ad originated on a blog called AdamThinks.com and is billed as "Leaked Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video." But as you watch the video, it is easy to see that this ad was created to make fun of those people who will buy the product, not to promote the handset.

The ad stars an actor named Avery Monsen who pokes fun at iPhone users who constantly snap photos of their food and post them onto social networks.

He poses as an Apple employee and sardonically promotes a device that has been kept under wraps by the company.

"Before designing the iPhone 5, we studied how customers use their iPhone and we discovered something pretty interesting," says Monsen while posing as Greg Mansfield, Vice President of iPhone Product Design. "People only use iPhones to take photos of their food. They're sad and alone so they use pictures of food to create the illusion of a fulfilling life."

From that quote, the direction of the rest of the video can be assessed.

The ad has already gone viral, with almost 2.5 million views on YouTube. It was released on Aug. 19 and is attracting viewers looking for any information on the next-generation iPhone.

The new handset is expected to be released next month. It's launch was recently announced by a German carrier.

Mobilecom Debitel, the company responsible for the post, listed some information on the device and stated that it should arrive some time next month.

"In September, it's finally time for a new generation of smartphone to go on sale. Mobilcom-debitel allows you to find free e-mail about everything worth knowing about iPhone," read a translation of what the company posted on its website.

The company also stated that the device could feature a screen that is 4 inches, along with a faster processor and 1GB of RAM.