iPhone 5 Event Poster Points to Larger Screen?

Apple has released a promotional poster for its upcoming media event set to take place on Sept. 12 where the iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled.

The poster seems to be a mash-up of colors that Apple normally uses for its icons, however, the colors in the picture stretch quite long vertically pointing to the possibility of a taller screen on the iPhone- at least that's what tech blog YouMobile believes.

"At first sight, it's just a colorful mix of colors in no particular order and no significance giving away no details about the iPhone 5," said the site. "But look at it closely, with the investigative eye of an Apple fan and you'd see what seems like vertically stretched out icons of some of the stock applications in iOS."

This idea seems like the site is reaching for some kind of hint in a poster that is quite generic. The leaked cases and components that belong to the next-generation iPhone provide ample evidence suggesting that Apple is going with a taller screen this go round.

Apple finally confirmed the unveiling of the iPhone 5 last week as the company sent out invitations to the event where the device will make its first appearance.

It will take place on Wednesday Sept. 12 and the invitation for it reads "it's almost here" with a huge "5" shadow underneath the "12," symbolizing the iPhone 5. This proves that this is not just some random event, but the place where the company will finally unveil a redesigned iPhone handset.

This new version is expected to be thinner, taller and sport a 4-inch display with improved internal hardware. Apple is also expected to show the final pieces of iOS 6 there. A similar event where the company will unveil the iPad Mini is expected to take place sometime in October.