iPhone 5 Prank Video Goes Viral on YouTube as Pranksters Glue iPhone 5 to Ground (Video)

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Photo courtesy of AppleA picture of the new iPhone 5

An iPhone 5 prank video has gone viral on YouTube, after a group of pranksters thought it would be funny to see what people would do if they walked by and saw an iPhone 5 laying on the ground on the day of its release. The video has already been seen by thousands of viewers.

The pranksters from Netherlands got an iPhone 5 device and glued it to the ground in the popular Leidseplein square in Amsterdam.

They got cameras ready and secretly filmed people's reactions as they passed by and saw the new Apple smartphone.

Many people can be seen bending down to try and pick up the next generation iPhone, but quickly find that it is glued down tight. For many, they immediately realized it was a prank and quickly moved on, but for others they could be seen trying again and again to get the iPhone 5 off from the ground. However, the glue remained strong and they were unable to release it.

Other clips even show a few people attempting to kick the iPhone 5 from the ground, but that also does not work.

The new iPhone 5 has been one of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones in history. Rumors have swirled about the device for the past two years, and since Apple unveiled the smartphone at a special event just a few weeks back millions of pre-orders have already been taken across the globe.

The smartphone looks to become the fastest selling smartphone of all time

To see a clip of the iPhone 5 prank video please click play on the player below.