iPhone 5 Unlocked Price Information Appears on Apple Website

iPhone 5 unlocked price information has appeared on Apple's website.

The company will offer the unlocked version of the smartphone in five different variants including 4 GSM models and one CDMA model.

The unlocked iPhone 5 GSM 64GB model will come in black, silver, white and slate and cost $849.00.

The unlocked 16GB GSM model will come in those same colors and cost $649.00.

The unlocked CD MA 32GB model will come in both black and slate and will sell for $749.00.

None of this information has been officially announced by Apple, but it seems close to being accurate.

The pricing reflects what the smartphone will cost without a contract from a major carrier.

The iPhone 5 was released by Apple in Sept. and on-contract prices are the same as they are for the iPhone 4S. The 16GB costs $199, the 32GB will be $299, and the 64GB will run $399.

The device is available on most of the major U.S. carriers including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. T-Mobile will not be receiving the iPhone 5, but the unlocked model may work on the carrier.

The new iPhone uses a nano-SIM card as opposed to the iPhone 4S which uses a micro-SIM. Old SIMs are not compatible with the new hardware.

Specifications on the iPhone 5 include a taller 4-inch display, a new two-tone design, iOS 6, an updated version of Siri, an A6 chip, and 4G LTE.

The device also features LTE connectivity and a smaller lightning dock connector.

Its frame is also thinner than the iPhone 4S and the device is light and easy to carry around.

The smartphone was an extremely successful release for Apple as it sold between 5-8 million units just during its launch weekend.