iPhone 5S New Leaked Photos Suggest Biggest Hardware Upgrade Ever (PHOTO); Release Date Delayed

Apple's next-generation iPhone, probably called the iPhone 5S, will be the biggest hardware upgrade ever for an "S" device, leaked photos show.

Photos were published recently on Chinese-language website sjbbs.zol.com, purportedly showing the upcoming new iPhone model.

(Photo: http://sjbbs.zol.com.cn/)iPhone 5S

The image seems to indicate that the features on the next iPhone will include a 4-inch IGZO display, a faster A6 processor, quad-core SGX 554MP4 graphics, 3 GB of RAM and an upgraded LTE radio.

The iPhone 5S may also feature an upgraded 12-megapixel camera, a dual-LED flash and a fingerprint scanner.

A report from BGR, which revealed a complete internal overhaul, suggests Apple was indeed making room for new components in its next-generation flagship iPhone.

Rumors also suggest that Apple is delaying the iPhone 5S release in order to switch to a larger screen size.

According to Asia-source reports, iPhone 5S' screen size will change from 4 to 4.3 inches.

"[Apple] halted processor production for [the] iPhone 5S in May," says a source of BrightWire news.

The 5S was expected to hit the market in September or October. However, it has been pushed back to the end of the year, the latest rumors are claiming.

New reports say Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (2330) may deliver chips for the iPhone 5S in August.