iPhone 5S Rumors: Smartphone to Come in Many Colors

The latest iPhone 5S rumors point to the next Apple smartphone coming in more than just two colors at launch.

The device is expected to be released in the middle of this year with as many as 6-8 colors, according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. He also stated that the handset might be available in multiple screen sizes.

White believes that Apple launched the 5th generation iPod Touch in multiple colors in order to test the waters for the next generation iPhone. The strategy appeared to work with the media device, and Apple will now use it on the iPhone and eventually will launch an iPad with several color options as well.

His theory on the next iPhone's screen size points to Apple releasing a few different variants with some made for the low-end market. Apple could better penetrate markets such as China and open up opportunities in India with a lower-end model.

The possibility of Apple making the next-generation iPhone's screen bigger seems a bit more likely than usual, as the 4-inch display found on the iPhone 5 is not that much different from the 3.5-inch one found on the 4.

It would also help the company with the competition, whose screens are nearing the 5-inch mark.

However, Apple would only make the increase in screen size if the company did not have to sacrifice pixel density.

Apple was able to maintain this on the iPhone 5 by slightly increasing the vertical pixel count so apps from previous models would run smoothly on the handset.

The iPhone 5S should be available sometime between June and October of this year and will probably come with iOS 7. Apple normally releases its new smartphones during that time frame.