iPhone 5s Vs. HTC One: Spec by Spec Breakdown and Comparison

The HTC One was the first of the great Android phones to be released in 2013 as the company attempted to match software and hardware with exterior design, a move likely inspired by one of its greatest competitors, Apple.

The Cupertino-based corp. has been a master at matching smartphone design with performance and did not fall behind with its latest handset the iPhone 5s.

So how do the smartphones match-up against one another? Here is a spec by spec comparison of the HTC One and iPhone 5s.


The HTC One heightened the standard for exterior looks on Android phones. Its thin aluminum body and convenient speaker placement outclasses many of its Android competitors such as Samsung who chose to stick with a plastic frame on the S4. Apple also used an aluminum frame on the iPhone 5s. And even though it is basically identical to its predecessor, it still looks better than most of the redesigned phones launched this year. The only device that gives Apple a run for its money is the HTC One in this department.


The Retina display on the iPhone 5s is basically the same 4-inch screen that is found on the iPhone 5. The colors are vibrant and the resolution is great for the size. The HTC One comes with a 4.7-inch LCD display with 1080x1920 pixels. Despite some of the criticism for the company's choice to use LCD which has been deemed outdated by some, HD videos still look crisp and beautiful on the device. It bests the Galaxy S4's AMOLED display and certainly beats Apple as well.


Both Apple and HTC have taken the route of less pixels and better quality. Apple's 8-megapixel shooter is arguably the finest on the market especially with some of the new features added to the 5s version. These features include true tone flash that helps the camera capture the actual flesh tone on a person as opposed to something altered by the light. The HTC One camera has a 4-megapixel camera with ultrapixel technology. This device also shoots beautiful photos. Even though HTC has greatly improved on the camera, I'd still say Apple takes it in this department.


The iPhone 5s features a beefed up A7 chip. The device is also the first 64-bit smartphone to enter the market. Apple has a clear speed advantage over the rest of the market. The HTC One comes with a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip that was impressive for its time, but is no match for what Apple has under the hood of the 5s.


The iPhone 5s is the clear winner here. It is the originator of the design, and dominates in both the camera and speed departments. For a bigger screen, customers could purchase an HTC One, but the company failed to innovate as Apple's device also features new technologies such as the fingerprint sensor and M7 motion sensor chip.