iPhone Survives Fall From Plane

An Apple iPhone 4 has fallen an extraordinary 13,500 feet following a skydiving incident. However, the iPhone, although severely damaged, could still amazingly make and receive phone calls.

Skydiver Jarrod McKinney boarded a plane expecting to take part in an exciting skydive. However, he forgot to secure his iPhone 4 in his pocket before jumping from the plane, and could only watch in horror as his treasured phone fell more than 10,000 feet to the ground below.

MicKinney obviously expected the phone to be smashed to pieces, but was shocked to find that the phone was still funtional as he used a special GPS tracking application called Find My iPhone to locate his device.

Joe Johnson, McKinney’s skydiving instructor, also placed a call to the rescued iPhone, just for fun. It rang and vibrated despite both sides of its glass surface being shattered.

Johnson was so amazed by the incident that he told CNN he has been converted to an Apple follower, and he now plans to invest in an iPhone soon: “It goes to show you if I crash land and need an ambulance, they can still track me down with the GPS."

Commerically Apple is experiencing a successful year. The company's latest quarterly report indicates a 125 percent sales increase with a record high profit.

Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC Technology Correspondent, comments on Apple’s success: "The company is turning into one of the most extraordinary cash-generating machines ever built, and just keeps on growing.”

The new version of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system, the Lion, debuted Wednesday.