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iPad HD 'Retina' Display And iPhone 5 Coming This Fall?

iPad HD 'Retina' Display And iPhone 5 Coming This Fall?

If rumors are true, add one more to the handful of devices Apple is set to release this year.

So far, we are well aware of the iPad 2, which debuted in March this year, and the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple decides to name it), which is presumably coming out in September. Along with the iPhone 5, Apple is reportedly going to roll out a less expensive but similar version of the iPhone 4.

But what if the iPad 2 gained a counterpart just like the iPhone 5 is looking to be released with another iPhone? Would it be an overwhelming tech dose too much to handle?

According to, sources have told the popular tech blog that in addition to a new iPhone this fall, Apple may be planning to roll out a new iPad variant called the “iPad HD” – what they are calling it for now.

The iPad HD was specified to be more of a fancy iPad 2 complementary for the higher end of the market rather than being the iPad 3, and was said that its special feature would be its double 2048 x 1536 resolution screen, just like its name suggests, if it is indeed launched.

Mentioned to be a “pro” device, the new iPad HD could be a gesture from Apple towards its loyal customer base, namely graphic and website design professionals, movie editors, photographers and others that have remained faithful to the brand and normally need high definition displays due to the nature of their work.

The high definition display would measure 9.7 inches according to sources. And although no price tag was set, it should cost more than the iPad 2, without out a doubt. The iPad 2 starts at $499.

Ars Technica expressed disagreement over this high definition “Retina” display being installed in a fancy and costlier iPad 2 variant. Instead, they claimed that this display should debut in iPad's next generation tablet, the iPad 3.

Ars Technica believes that the iPad 3 should be released in March or April of next year.


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