Is Apple Planning to Release a Standalone Camera?

Apple might be planning to release a standalone camera product, according to a recent report from

The site published a New iPad Buyer's Guide this week that included a piece that spoke about the possibilities of Apple working on a standalone camera. It would be called iSight, and iLounge labeled it as speculation due to the low confidence the site had in its source.

iLounge received a tip that Apple is now developing a device such as this one that would fulfill Steve Jobs' dream of revolutionizing the photography market.

And although the people at iLounge seemed to have their doubts about iSight, Jeremy Horowitz of the site took to his Twitter account yesterday to once again confirm Apple's plans.

"So, as briefly noted on Backstage, Apple appears to be working on a standalone camera- the third of three industries Jobs wanted to change," he tweeted.

Jobs' intentions of changing the photography industry appeared in the late Apple CEO's biography written by Walter Isaacson. In an interview he told the author that he wanted to reinvent television, textbooks and photography.

Jobs also apparently met with the CEO of photography company Lytro, Ren Ng to discuss the business shortly before his death.

News of this meeting was first reported in Adam Lashinsky's "Inside Apple."

The company's CEO, Ren Ng, a brilliant computer scientist, reportedly called Jobs, who picked up and asked to meet him in the afternoon. NG agreed and hurried out to Palo Alto, Calif. to show Jobs a demo of his company's technology. They also discussed camera and product design.

Jobs then asked him to send an email to him stating three things he'd like Lytro to do with Apple.