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James Dobson Released From Hospital

James Dobson Released From Hospital

James Dobson returned was released from the hospital this week after sustaining injuries from a horseback-riding accident.

The influential evangelical leader had been recovering from a back injury as well as fractures to his clavicle and scapula for the past two weeks at a Colorado hospital. He is now continuing his recovery at home.

According to an announcement Friday by Family Talk, a Christian radio show he founded in 2010, Dobson is expected to resume his duties "soon."

The accident occurred while Dobson was spending a few days away from his Colorado Springs office and enjoying fellowship with his wife, Shirley, their son, Ryan, and friends in Montana. He was competing in a horse event when he took a fall.

Though the Dobson family was initially told he suffered seven cracked ribs in addition to the fractured clavicle and scapula, they confirmed last week that his ribs are in good shape.

In an earlier message to Family Talk listeners, Danae Dobson, his daughter, expressed gratitude to supporters for their prayers and concern.

She also reported that "it won't be long before my dad will resume his duties at Family Talk and be back on the air with his radio show. He's looking forward to that, and is in fact keeping his cell phone warm these days with calls to the office (you can't keep a good man down)!"

Dobson is a Christian psychologist, author and long-time radio broadcaster. He also founded Focus on the Family, a prominent Colorado Springs-based ministry dedicated to helping families thrive.

The 75-year-old left the ministry in 2010 after handing the leadership over to Jim Daly. With a $1 million grant from Focus on the Family, Dobson began his new radio show, Family Talk, nearby that same year.


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