Jennette McCurdy Show With 'Victorious' Star to Air After Last of 'iCarly'

Jennette McCurdy, the actress from iCarly, will now pair up with another Nickelodeon star for a new show spin-off.

McCurdy, who plays Sam Puckett, is set to star in a new show alongside Ariana Grande, the "Victorious" actress who plays Valentine. The new show will be called "Sam & Cat" and will be produced by Dan Schneider, who created both of the girl's former shows in addition to "Zoey 101" and "Drake & Josh."

Cast to follow the two girls as they become roommates and begin a babysitting business together, few other details about the show have been released. Even McCurdy declared in a recent interview that she was anxious to know more about the mystery show, although she had complete faith in Schneider.

"I couldn't be under a better person's wing, so I'm really happy about that decision," McCurdy said recently according to CBS. "I haven't seen a script ... so I'm dying for information."

Meanwhile, her current show "iCarly" has come to an end after five seasons. The cast came together in June to film a special last episode that is set to air in November.

"The last day of shooting was really sad. There was a lot of crying and there were a lot of hugs going around. None of us wanted to say goodbye really," McCurdy said of shooting the show finale.

Both girls have become favorite characters during their shows, managing to build an amassed Twitter following of over 4 million. And if it were up to McCurdy, her ideal male co-star would be none other than Andrew Garfield.

"I'm gonna marry him," the star told CBS. "In my dreams maybe. Sorry, Emma Stone. Emma Stone was on 'iCarly.' If she sees this, she's gonna kill me. Oh my goodness. No. I love him though. I love his face. I love his hair! 'Andrew Garfield, I love you.'"