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Jeremy Lin Supports Boxer Manny Pacquiao's God Talk, Says He's Being Real

Jeremy Lin Supports Boxer Manny Pacquiao's God Talk, Says He's Being Real

A National Basketball Association star has voiced his support of professional Filipino boxer Many Pacquiao and his openness about his evangelical faith.

Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin, whose sudden rise to national attention coined the term "Linsanity,"  shared his views about Pacquiao with GMA News earlier this week.

"I think for him to talk about what's important to him, I don't think anybody should be able to say what he can or can't say who he is as a person. As long as he's trying to be real, that's fine," said Lin.

In an interview last December with ESPN Magazine, Pacquiao said that he was a better fighter with God on his side.

"What I can say is, if God is with you, who can be against you...All things are possible with God," said Pacquiao.

Lin's remarks came not long after the release of the documentary "Linsanity," which showcases his rise to stardom.

Officially selected for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, "Linsanity" was released last week and follows Lin through many of the challenges he faced leading up to his 2012 season breakthrough.

"Hopefully they can see through the story and chase their dreams and their passions, regardless of their race, their size, their gender or whatever," said Lin about the documentary.

"It's a constant battle. We're human, and there's that constant element of pride that you have to fight. I just want to be as much of myself as I can, and be as real and as authentic as I can be."

Lin's words of encouragement for Pacquiao come as the boxer and politician prepares for a match against Brandon Rios in Macau in late November.

Pacquiao appears to have issues finding high quality sparring partners for his training preparation, reported on Monday.

"For the past days, Pacquiao had been battering his sparmates, including middleweight Filipino Marlon Alta, who even reportedly turned his back during one session after being at the receiving end of a heavy beating," reads the article.

"Pacquiao is expected to continue sparring in the next few days, and chief trainer Freddie Roach will reportedly bring with him two more sparring partners for his ward."


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