Jessica Simpson's Diet Affected by Parents' Divorce? Father Slams Gay Rumors

Jessica Simpson is said to be devastated over her parents' divorce and new reports claim that her emotional challenge could ultimately impact her lucrative deal with Weight Watchers.

Simpson, 31, signed a $4 million weight loss deal with Weight Watchers during her pregnancy and although the new mom is said to be on track in achieving her weight loss goals, it is now claimed that the divorce scandal is now affecting her motivation.

"Jessica's diet has been seriously derailed ever since the gay allegations against her father were released," a source reportedly told

"While she's not diverting from the diet, Jessica isn't sticking to the portion plan and isn't losing as much weight as she should. She knows that as the Weight Watchers spokesperson she has to be more disciplined, but her emotions are all over the place right now," the source added.

In September, Simpson's mother Tina, 52, filed divorce papers to end her 34-year marriage to her estranged husband Joe and cited a "conflict of personalities" as the reason for the split, according to

Weeks later it was claimed that the 54-year-old former pastor had engaged in a homosexual affair with a 21-year-old model, although he has since blasted the allegations as "ridiculous," according to a source.

Bryce Chandler Hill, the young man at the center of Joe's divorce scandal, publicly denied engaging in an extramarital affair with the married father of two. It was previously claimed that Tina recently discovered their "secret tryst" prompting the divorce filing.

"Yes, I've read the's simply NOT TRUE." Hill tweeted on Oct.12.

Simpson has not yet spoke publicly regarding the divorce filing although previous reports suggest that both she and her sister Ashlee, 28, are still in shock following the allegations.

"It was a complete shock to the system, [Jessica] feels terribly for her mom who was left reeling by the announcement and her sister Ashlee has also taken the news quite badly," a source said.

"Jessica's been trying to process the information slowly, but she's having difficulty dealing with it. She can't understand why Joe stayed married to Tina for so long, and can't help wondering how much of their life was a lie," the source added.