Jimmy Fallon Show Style Won't Change at Earlier Hour: 'That's My Background From SNL'

Jimmy Fallon is set to move to a more high profile television spot when he leaves "Late Night" and takes over for Jay Leno and host "The Tonight Show" next year. The comedian recently spoke about what fans can expect when he steps up to "The Tonight Show."

Fallon recently sat down for an interview with The Orlando Sentinel where he spoke about how Jay Leno has been kind and helpful to him in his transition from "Late Night" to "The Today Show."

"Jay Leno has been great to me. As soon as I got 'Late Night,' I called Jay and said, 'I want to let you know I want to start on the right foot. I respect you.' I've been a guest on the show numerous times. I said, 'I'm not gunning for your job. I'm not trying to plot anything. Whenever you're ready to step down, let me know. But I'm happy at 12:30. And please give me advice on anything.'"

"He said 'Great.' We started off on the right foot, and he's been fantastic to me the whole way," he added.

Fallon also reassured fans that many favorite bits will be included in his work on "The Tonight Show," including spoofs of shows like "Glee" and "Downton Abbey."

"That's my background from 'Saturday Night Live' I do sketches, I act, I do impressions. It's just part of my background, so I have to do that stuff. There's a hole in late night for that. No one else is doing it. We started doing it five years ago and we've gotten really good at it. I'm doing musical stuff, 'cause I love music and so do the Roots. And people look forward to doing musical stuff when they come on our show," the comedian said.