Jimmy Peña Releases New 'PrayFit' DVD Promoting Strength and Faith

"PrayFit" author Jimmy Peña has released a new 33-day workout DVD inspiring Christians to strengthen their bodies as well as their faith.

An exercise physiologist and fitness expert, Peña decided to create a follow-up program to the "PrayFit 33-Day Total Body Challenge." Unlike the first DVD released last year, the new "PrayFit 33-Day Body Toning System" incorporates weights as well as high-intensity cardio that builds muscle and sheds fat.

"With this DVD, we have increased our goals for PrayFit viewers," Peña explained to The Christian Post. "I am a Christian first and last, and was long before I started to work in fitness, and I believe that health can be used as a means of praise."

In his book "PrayFit: Your Guide to a Healthy Body and Strong Faith in 28 Days," Peña called on Christians to start living healthier lifestyles and to lead others by example. He has trained celebrities such as Mario Lopez and LL Cool J, and by merging his passion for exercise with his faith in God, Peña is helping many more get healthy through his DVDs.

"When it comes to fitness, faith works," the celebrity trainer noted in a statement about the new workout disc. "But that's the only way it works. That's why I'm so excited about this project because if someone is looking to target every single body part in order to be fitter and leaner, while also challenging the heart, then this DVD is exactly what they need. After all, faith if only faith when exercised, and this DVD gives them the chance to prove it."

Peña's success is attributed to the inspiration and motivation offered to those who try "PrayFit." The smart workout system also includes weekly devotionals while emphasizing strength, stamina, and stability.

"I really believe that is it very important to take care of the body that carries the soul," Peña told CP. "Souls have a lot of work to do, and it starts by doing."

With the holiday season upon us, the "PrayFit" founder has acknowledged the challenges surrounding staying healthy while celebrating.

"Go into the holidays as fit as you can and have fun with your family," Peña advised during a previous interview with CP. "Enjoy food, embrace food, and obviously pick it back up in January but we can't be afraid of food or the holidays."

Meanwhile, the "PrayFIt 33-Day Body Toning System" is available on Amazon.com. Check out prayfit.com for more information.