Jodie Sweetin Sues A Year After Car Accident: Is Actress Desperate for Cash?

Actress Jodie Sweetin is suing Clark Taylor Savros after the two collided in an automobile accident over one year ago. The "Full House" star is seeking over $25,000 in damages, leading to speculation that the actress is desperate for cash.

The suit filed in court yesterday seeks over $25,000 for "future loss of earnings and future medical expenses" in addition to loss of wages and property damage. Sweetin was involved in the accident in Marc of 2011, and it is unknown why she has chosen to sue now.

Immediately after the accident, Sweetin tweeted, "Sorry guys! Had a car accident, im ok. A wrist fracture and neck and body are really sore. Car totaled. Not fun but thankful not worse!" It begs the question of why Sweetin is suing now, if things weren't all that bad.

Does Sweetin need the money? She has not acted in several years, instead choosing to focus on her family. After admitting to using drugs throughout her life, Sweetin cleaned up her act and went to treatment for drug abuse. In 2009, she published her memoir "unsweetened," documenting her intense drug use and desire to stay clean for her family.

"My struggles are pretty much in the past," Sweetin told People magazine at her daughter's birthday party. "Hopefully it'll never be anything my kids have to be a part of. I wish I hadn't gone through that, but I did."

"I've been really open about what I've gone through in general, so if they ask me about it, I'll be open with them, too. I don't think there's any reason to hide it," Sweetin explained. "It's nothing I'm ashamed of. But just like with various people my own age, I'm not just going to go out of my way to talk about it with my kids."

In 2010, California officials filed documents stating that Sweetin owed $27,445 in back taxes. The unspecified amount of her lawsuit may cover that amount.