Jonathan Cahn: I'm Not Part of the 'Blood Moon Industry'

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Just when I thought it was going to be an uneventful night, I was blessed with a little excitement. I'm writing this in a hotel room in California preparing to minister on television tomorrow — when I just happened to be looking at the Christian Post and to my surprise saw an attack piece by a man named Jerry Bowyer … largely concerning me.

Jonathan Cahn is president of Hope of the World ministries.
Jonathan Cahn is president of Hope of the World ministries.

I do appreciate the honor of such attention, and I'm usually far too busy dealing with much more pressing things to respond. But having a few spare minutes on hand in this hotel room, it is sometimes good to set the record straight.

In a nutshell, Bowyer wrote that I have offered proofs of the blood moon patterns, said that market collapses could be predicted down to the days, and thus had to happen, added a jubilee as an afterthought, changed my view on the jubilee and the shemitah, timed it all for the sake of publication schedules — and alleges I'm part of something he calls the 'blood moon industry,' etc.

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Though the writer has the prerogative to hold whatever opinion he chooses, facts are a different thing. The piece was filled with errors. The answers to the above are, in order of appearance: No. Never. Not at all. Not a chance. Even less than a chance. And no not in a thousand years.

And I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of any 'blood moon industry' or, for that matter, a member of any industry with any connection to any celestial object in this or any other galaxy. I have never offered any proof for any blood moon. That belongs to others, who are able to speak for themselves.

Not only have I never made any such prediction, nor said that anything had to happen, I have said the very opposite — that though I believe it wise to be prepared for any such occurrence and possibility — nothing has to happen at any set or given time, or in any particular shemitah, and one cannot put God in a box. It is this specific caution and warning that I have given not once - but over and over and over and over again — in fact, within the book itself, and in every single interview I've ever given on the subject from the very beginning onward.

What about the shemitah or biblical sabbath year? It's a fascinating phenomenon that goes back to ancient times and links up with some amazing manifestations in modern times. Most dramatically, the greatest stock market point crash in Wall Street up to the beginning of the 21st century, took place on September 17, 2001. It not only happened place in the year of the shemitah, but on the exact once-in-7 year Hebrew date that constitutes the Biblical day of financial remission — the Elul 29 of the shemitah.

That record lasted for 7 years until it was finally surpassed on September 29, 2008, with what was and still is the greatest stock market point crash in the history of Wall Street. What about that crash? It happened on the same exact biblical Hebrew day — the same exact once in 7 year Hebrew date that constitutes the Biblical day of financial remission — Elul 29!

Thus the two greatest point crashes in Wall Street history up to those days took place exactly 7 biblical years apart, down to the year, the month, the week, the day, the hour, the minute, the second, the closing bell, the end of the biblical year, the appointed time of nullification, down to the exact moment. These are objective facts, concerning which statisticians have put the odds at one in several million.

As to the most recent shemitah in 2015, though I've repeatedly warned that nothing had to happen, and that the pattern didn't have to repeat or manifest in every cycle — did anything significant take place? The answer is an absolute yes.

The predominant pattern in The Mystery of the Shemitah is that of an extended collapse in the financial or economic realm and often in the realms of trade, production, industry, etc. Did any such thing take place? Absolutely yes and the facts are not matters of interpretation but were witnessed in the headlines and news articles of the secular press …

The shemitah of 2015 produced the worst year for Wall Street in 7 years — since the shemitah of 2008. And as in the previous shemitah, the stock market again ended in the red.

The shemitah of 2015 also witnessed the massive collapse of global trade, the worst such collapse since that of the Great Recession.

It also witnessed the collapse of the global commodities market, the collapse of the oil market, the collapse of production, the collapse of earnings, etc, etc.

In fact, as reported in the secular press, 2015 was the all around worst year for money in 78 years— since the end of the Great Depression, in 1937 — which happened to also be the year of the shemitah.

As for stock markets, the damage was worldwide, from Europe to India, from Brazil to Germany, with an estimated 11 trillion dollars wiped out of the financial realm.

And then there was China, the new engine of the world economy. 2015 witnessed the massive collapse of the Chinese financial realm — with a colossal unprecedented 43% wiped out in just a few months.

2015 was also the year that produced 20% of the top greatest point crashes in Wall Street history. And they all occurred in a single month, Elul, as noted in The Mystery of the Shemitah, the month of financial nullification.

But this issue isn't the issue, nor this point, the point. It is something much deeper. The shemitah was first mentioned in the context of The Harbinger, which concerns the ancient mystery of national judgment, the signs of national calamity that manifested in the last days of ancient Israel — and which now are manifesting on American soil. In fact the biblical template presented in The Harbinger has continued to unfold as America, as did ancient Israel, is racing away from God in a continuously deepening apostasy. The point is not about dates — but about a world heading to judgment. The point is about sounding an alarm, sending forth a warning, and calling for repentance and salvation. Such things end in judgment. The timing rests in the hands of God — but the direction clear.

And so I have not ceased to sound that warning nor to issue that call for repentance. Nor will I cease to do so. And rather than attacking the motives of my fellow Christians while evil rages ever more furiously against the light and those who hold true to that light, while evil is called "good," and good is called "evil," it is now that we must especially stand strong and raise a clear and unbending prophetic voice to the world around us which is perishing, to warn, to call, to proclaim the gospel of salvation, and to lift up the only name in which there lies hope, the name of Jesus.

And that is what I must get back to … after a short interlude in a hotel room in California.

Jonathan Cahn is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Harbinger, The Mystery of the Shemitah, and the now just released 'The Book of Mysteries. He is the president of Hope of the World ministries, and international ministry to the world of the Gospel and compassion projects. He leads the Jerusalem Center/ Beth Israel a congregation of Jew and Gentile in Wayne, NJ. He has addressed Members of Congress on Capitol Hill, and the United Nations.

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