Monday, July 09, 2012
Jose Baez Blames George Anthony for Caylee's Death, Cites Computer Evidence

Jose Baez Blames George Anthony for Caylee's Death, Cites Computer Evidence

Jose Baez, attorney for Casey Anthony, has claimed that her father, George Anthony, could be responsible for the death of two-year-old Caylee. The stunning accusation comes with the release of his new book "Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story."

Casey Anthony and her late daughter Caylee | (PHOTO) Facebook: 'Casey Anthony Updates'

According to Baez, George Anthony sexually abused Casey for years, though George has adamantly denied such charges. George left the family's home on the same day that Caylee went missing, a fact that Baez believes could add to his guilt.

One other piece of "evidence" against George is that of his computer search history. Baez pointed out that police never conducted a thorough search of George's computer, which would have helped police determine exactly who looked up terms such as "foolproof suffocation" and "venturing into the pro-suicide pit."

Baez alleged that had police conducted a thorough search, they would have been able to determine what George, Casey, and her mother Cindy each looked up. George was famous for his grammatical errors, and that fact would have helped police determine whom to investigate.

"By looking at the websites being researched, all concerned with suicide and death, it certainly appears that the one who felt the blame was a guilt-ridden George Anthony," Baez said in his book. "It had to have been George on the computer because he said Casey was gone, and he was the only one out there trying to kill himself."

George Anthony tried to kill himself six months after Caylee went missing, and days before her remains would be found. According to Baez, this highlights George's guilt and participation in the crime. Whether George actually killed Caylee is simply speculation, but Baez believes that George definitely had a part in the cover-up, according to his new book. Some, however, believe this is just Baez's attempt to cash in on his new book about the infamous Casey Anthony trial.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of her daughter's murder, a verdict that stunned the nation. She now faces charges of libel and will be back in court this summer.


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