Josh Hamilton's Wife 'Very Proud'; Prays for Critics

The wife of Josh Hamilton joined in the conversation on Texas Rangers outfielder's recently publicized relapse, saying that she has not only forgiven him, but is "very proud" of the way he handled the matter afterward.

"Josh is a wonderful man, father and husband who happens to be human. We are all flawed and that's why we need a Savior," Katie Hamilton wrote Sunday in the Texas Rangers Blog on

One day earlier, Josh Hamilton had appeared before the press after about a dozen photos were posted in showing the born-again baseball star in a number of compromising poses with at least three different women – none of which were his wife.

According to Hamilton, the relapse occurred in January when he "wasn't mentally fit" nor "spiritually fit" to go into the restaurant-bar he chose to eat at that night and decided that he could have one drink – which turned into two and "snowball[ed] into 10 or 12."

"Obviously, I did something very wrong," Hamilton confessed Saturday. "That hurts me very deeply, too, but the biggest one is Katie. The question gets asked, 'What if I saw something like that with her?' Obviously, it stirs up a lot of thoughts. It's tough."

But, as she had done during the time of his addiction, Hamilton's wife forgave him for what he had done after he told her what had happened.

"Katie and I have a strong relationship," Hamilton said. "She told me she forgives me, and she meant it."

Hamilton told reporters that as soon as the incident took place, he called his wife, his support team, the Rangers, and even the Major League Baseball organization.

"I was absolutely open and honest about it," the 23-year-old North Carolina native stated.

In her comments late Sunday night, Katie Hamilton vouched for her husband, saying he "was very honest with me and those involved and didn't try to hide anything or cover up his mistake."

"That has made this weekend far easier than you can imagine on me, b/c I was able to deal with it back in January," she wrote.

To those who say they "just can't forgive" her husband for his one-night relapse, Katie asked how it was possible that "his wife – the one whom he hurt the most, by far through this" – is able to forgive him but others cannot.

"I mean, to say something is 'unforgivable' is an inaccurate statement. You can forgive – if you choose to do so. It really isn't that difficult – and I pray that you can and will, in time, forgive him," she wrote.

"I pray that you all know that he is a very sincere individual with a love for the Lord that is REAL," Katie added.

According to Relapse Prevention, studies have shown that 54 percent of all alcohol and other drug abuse patients can be expected to relapse, and that 61 percent of that number will have multiple periods of relapse.

Hamilton, who joined the Rangers late 2007, had returned to the MLB after having been away for four years as a result of the drug addiction he developed starting in 2001.

Since 2005 – when Hamilton was challenged by his grandmother to surrender to God, began reading the Bible, and gave up drugs and alcohol – Hamilton's life and baseball career have been taking off. Last year, Hamilton made headlines when he belted a record-breaking 28 home runs in the first round of the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby.

Regarding January's incident, Hamilton said Saturday, "Obviously, it's one of those things that reinforce that I can't have alcohol."

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