Justin Bieber Baby Mama: Christian Faith Testifies to False Accusations of Bieber Baby

The paternity claims currently being made against Justin Bieber may not hold up to his repeated testimonies of his Christian faith.

Bieber has reaffirmed publicly numerous times that his Christian faith has helped make him the person he is. He has been an adamant supporter of Christian ethics and just months ago publicly stated how he believed people should only have sex if they were in love. A majority of his supporters, knowing and following him over the past few years, believe that the California woman’s accusations of fatherhood could therefore fall flat.

The San Diego woman, Mariah Yeater, filed a lawsuit, demanding that the Canadian pop star take a paternity test to prove that he was the father, and “provide support for my baby,” she told RadarOnline.

Yeater had her alleged love child July 6, about nine months after she claimed to meet Bieber and have unprotected sex with him in a backstage restroom.

Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mollette, is also a Christian, and has told the story of how she was saved to several Christian websites.

The mother seems unworried by Yeater’s accusation, and a source told Hollywood Life that Pattie “isn’t even paying much attention,” to the case.

If the rumors did turn out to be true, would Christians still support Bieber strongly, the way they have been doing?

“I do think it would initially alienate his Christian fan base,” says Lilit Marcus, a faith and pop culture writer for Patheos.com.

“On a most basic level, these are people who don’t believe in premarital sex,” she said, according to Fox.

However, Christians are well-known for their forgiveness, especially when it comes to celebrities.