Justin Bieber Baby Mama: Mariah Yeater to Continue with Case, Says She’ll 'Get Paid' (VIDEO)

Following reports that Mariah Yeater had dropped her contention that singing star Justin Bieber is the father of her 4-month-old-son, now comes word that the 20-year-old woman has hired a new lawyer and plans on continuing with the case, even as a text message reveal her referring to "getting paid."

 Justin Bieber Baby Mama: Mariah Yeater to Continue with Case, Says She'll 'Get Paid'

According to TMZ, Yeater communicated with a friend through text message, in which she begged that messages from her mother, which indicated that someone other than 17-year-old Bieber is the father of her child be erased.

She asked for any messages from her mom in which ex-boyfriend Robbie was named as the father to be erased. Then an offer is made to "kick u when we get paid."

From a text message in July, after giving birth, Yeater implied that former boyfriend Robbie Powell was the father of her child, as she begged a friend to tell Robbie about the importance of staying in his son's life.

Yeater has apparently hired a new lawyer in order to press forward with her case against the pop star.

Accordingly, the singer had planned on suing the woman, once her claims were disproved following his taking of a DNA test. Bieber's team believed a law suit would be important as a warning to others that there are consequences for making false charges against celebrities.

It is unclear if the Bieber legal team will continue with its plan to sue the 20-year-old woman.