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Kaka's Wife Carol Celico Featured in Sensual Photos: Picture of Former Pastor Stuns Brazilians

Caroline Celico, the wife of Brazilian soccer star Kaka, who is a former megachurch pastor, has stunned churchgoers and fans after posing for some sensual photos for RG Vogue Magazine's September issue, which will hit the newsstands later this week.

The former pastor of the Reborn in Christ megachurch in Brazil, is seen in the Vogue photos posing with bunny ears along with a t-shirt featuring a deep V-cut neckline. The photo appears alongside a feature on Celico where she explains in depth about her drastic lifestyle change from when she was a pastor to thousands of Christians.

"I used to do things to please others, thinking that in this way I would be pleasing God. I am like I am because I went through both traumatic and good situations. But I'm curious and I continue to be very open to new ideas," she said, according to Extra Globo.

Celico's drastic change in lifestyle came after she left the denomination in 2009, and since then she has chosen to lead a life far away from the church. However, she still professes to be a devout Christian and insists that she follows Jesus Christ without belonging to any denomination or church.

"I don't feel more comfortable going to church, I don't like labels. Today, I am follower of Christ. The time we spent there [in the Reborn Church] was good, I don't repent. I learned what I should do or should not do," she said in an interview with the Show Business program at the end of 2011.

"God has shown me that I can walk on this path with my own legs," she insisted.

Celico now believes that she does not need to attend a physical church, instead claiming that her own house is now her church. She expressed a certain degree of disillusionment with church bodies, saying that she feels uncomfortable with so much focus being put on tithes and offerings.

"Today our church is our house. This what I believe, I believe that God wants to look at our heart and see what we want to give from our lives and from our hearts and it is not all about money," she expressed on TV Fama, in July 21, 2012.

Celico and Kaka were childhood sweethearts and started dating in 2002. Soon after she joined Kaka's church, which was founded by Estevam Hernandes.

She went on to make her faith a central part of her life and later became an ordained church pastor. However, she left in 2009, saying that she did not like the person she was becoming.

However, other rumors claimed that she had grown dissatisfied with the church and the management of the church. In particular, an incident where church leaders were arrested in the United States for fraud and money laundering is believed to have made Celico even more disillusioned

"Today my religion is Jesus, it is what I want to pass to people, is what is in the Bible. It is to have God inside of me and want to share it with other people."

The businesswoman, who is now responsible for a website that collects donations for needy children, revealed to RG Vogue Magazine that ultimately she has plans to return to Sao Paulo with her family.

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