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Kari Jobe Honors Sister Who Suffered Miscarriage With New Song, 'The Garden'

Kari Jobe Honors Sister Who Suffered Miscarriage With New Song, 'The Garden'

Kari Jobe speaks with The Christian Post about her third album "Majestic" in New York on March 25, 2014. | (Photo: Christian Post/Scott Liu)

Kari Jobe is honoring her sister who suffered a miscarriage with her new song, "The Garden."

Jobe, the 35-year-old contemporary Christian music artist who serves as a worship pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, released the acoustic video to her Vevo page on Friday. While she could have allowed lyrics like "I had all but given up/ desperate for a sign from God" to speak for themselves, the singer-songwriter took to social media to explain their significance.

"I want to honor my sister today and all who have lost little sweet angels in your life. Oh the pain that it is. Maybe you didn't lose a child but you've experienced something that was extremely hard to walk through," Jobe wrote in a transparent Instagram post. "Questions rise up at times that cause us to cry out to the Lord for answers. In all the searching and surrendering there is life and the very presence of almighty God that comes rushing in to heal."

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The singer-songwriter went on to share her prayer that people might find peace when listening to the song. 

"I pray that as you listen to 'The Garden,' the song and the whole album, you'll feel the incredible peace of God and hear His voice speaking words of truth, life and healing to deep places of your soul," she wrote. "You are going to be OK ... hold on, life is growing around you, but it might take your spiritual eyes to see it."

According to Jobe, "The Garden" is one of her most intimate songs yet.

"'The Garden' song is truly one of the most intimate songs I've ever written. It's a song that captures the raw emotion of truth," she wrote. "Truth of pain and sorrow that feels like it could swallow you up and suffocate you. There are moments we experience in life that knock the wind out of us and may cause us to question exactly what God is up to."

The concept of the song is not only metaphorical, but Jobe revealed that her actual backyard garden inspired her latest record.

"The inspiration for the record God used is a garden in my backyard to help me remember that He is always at work to turn extremely difficult situations into beauty. Everything we do in this life, on this side of Heaven, is Kingdom oriented," she wrote. "There will always be pruning, planting, watering and growth. Different seasons have different experiences- but God is ALWAYS up to something beautiful."

In 2015, Jobe publicly mourned the loss of her unborn niece at seven months in utero. In a newsletter written to fans, Jobe shared her sister's and family's grief. 

"My family already loved this unborn baby as a daughter, sister, niece and granddaughter. Dreams we held for the future disappeared...," Jobe revealed. "Losing my niece was the worst shock of my life. I've been pretty quiet over the past two months because there's not much to say when your heart is out of words. During this hard season, I've learned it's always best to be absolutely honest with the Lord. Bringing our questions to the Lord turns our sadness into trust and worship."


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