Kate Middleton and Prince William Angry at Secret 'Flashing the Flesh' Photos of Honeymoon Being Published

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(Reuters/Dylan Martinez)Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she rides to Buckingham Palace after attending the Trooping the Colour ceremony in central London June 11, 2011. Trooping the Colour is a ceremony to honour the sovereign's official birthday.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are said to be angry over photos of their private honeymoon being published in an Australian magazine this week. The magazine describes the royal couple as "flashing the flesh" and has not gone down well with royal followers.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were married last April 2011, and had to wait an extended period before being able to go off on their official honeymoon. The newlyweds went to Seychelles, and allegedly booked into a private resort where they were promised absolute privacy.

However, it now appears as though their wishes, and perhaps what they paid for, were not kept. The "flashing the flesh" pictures were revealed on Monday by the Australian magazine, and sources are saying the royal couple will for sure feel betrayed by those in charge of the resort.

The Australian Woman's Day Magazine has obtained the private photos and decided to publish the pictures of Kate and William, along with the place they stayed during their honeymoon.

The photos show the Duchess of Cambridge in a black bikini and she is looking healthy and enjoying her privacy. Prince William meanwhile is shown in a pair of colorful boxer swim trunks.

It is likely the Australian magazine decided to run the photos under the belief that the royal couple's privacy had been kept for a year now, and the private photos were now free game. However, royal supporters have not agreed.

TodBlo wrote on Facebook, "Absolutely disgraceful that their private honeymoon photos have been published. Ppl should boycott this magazine."

Dont agree with these photos being put out there. Shame on that Australian mag editors," posted NoWhereNear.

The magazine decided to post the photos on their cover in an attempt to cash in and sell more copies, running a headline saying "Our Island Paradise" and "World Exclusive Photos."