Kate Upton Cosmopolitan Cover: Are They Catering to Women, or Men?

Kate Upton has won herself another cover spot, but instead of gracing a men's magazine, the new star model is dominating Cosmopolitan.

Women's magazines have a funny habit of putting steamy pictures of girls on the covers and inside pages of their magazines. It's surprising really, considering that their audience likely has no interest in looking at women with less clothes. Kate Upton, who won the coveted cover spot for Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit edition, is infamous for baring a bit much.

But on the latest Cosmopolitan cover, Upton has made her own attempt at modesty. The November issue promises to offer advice for women from Upton herself, and why men find her so irresistible. Her first piece of advice is to keep it simple.

"My idea of a perfect first date is something simple, you know, nothing too showy. Maybe just something where we can get to know each other," Upton said in an interview with the magazine before her fashion shoot. "I would probably like to eat depending on the time."

She also gave a hint to men as to the kind of guy that she goes for.

"I find a sense of humor in a guy sexy. Someone who is just relaxed so we can have a good time," she opined adding, "all pick up lines are horrible. None of them work. You just walk up and make a fool of yourself. You should just be yourself and have a normal conversation."

But if you want a date with Upton, you'll have to pay for the first date.

"I always just bring $20 and my phone. So you have to pay for the first date, but I have $20 just in case I need to catch a cab."

That doesn't seem like much advice for women, unless you perhaps wanted to date Kate Upton. Seems harder and harder to tell the difference between men and women's magazines these days.