Kelly Clarkson on Boyfriend Brandon Blackstock: 'We're So Getting Married!'

Kelly Clarkson just can't keep her feelings to herself and is very much in love with boyfriend Brandon Blackstock, son of Narvel and stepson of Reba McEntire. The actress-singer gushed that it was love at first sight and that they are "so getting married."

The two have been together for some time now, but met "years ago" when Clarkson " was working with Rascal Flatts, and he used to tour manage with them. I didn't really know he was [my manager's] son and it was kind of weird. I was like, 'Dude, I gotta know that guy,'" Clarkson told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show.

When they finally did get to meet, Clarkson said, Blackstock "came up and said he was from the same hometown as me, and I was like 'Oh, we're so getting married.' I was so that girl. When he became single, I was on the prowl."

Blackstock has been married once before and has two children of his own to take care of, but that has not deterred Clarkson from pursuing a romance of her own with him.

"It's weird how life kind of puts you in certain situations. We're taking it slow, and we're enjoying each other. I'm from a family of broken marriages, but we will definitely break that trend one day," Clarkson promised.

McEntire and Narvel Blackstock have been married since 1989, and it is the second marriage for both of them. McEntire told The Boot in 2009, "Respect, faith, love, trust and lots of patience" were the keys to a successful marriage.

For now, it seems that everyone is happy with the relationship between Blackstock and Clarkson. McEntire and Clarkson even worked together on a remake of Clarkson's hit single "Because of You" and McEntire's "Does He Love You?" which delighted fans.

But don't go looking for Clarkson and Blackstock to set a date anytime soon. They're still getting to know one another and ease into the relationship, and Clarkson is determined to further her career.

"Once you finally fall in love with someone and you are so comfortable with them, it makes you more comfortable in your skin. It makes you comfortable as an artist. It makes you more confident. I'm completely head over heels for him- he knows that," Clarkson told Seacrest.